How much does it cost to set up a LLC?

by Mr. Tracy A. Pounders, Attorney and Counselor at Law

The Pounders Law Firm: Lawyers for Growing you Dallas & Collin BusinessLET US SET UP YOUR LLC

For $399, plus the $308 in fees due to the Texas Secretary of State, for a total of $707.00, we will provide you with:

  • A confidential 30 minute telephone consultation at a time convenient to you
  • An Initial Name Search with the Texas Secretary of State, to make sure the name you choose for your LLC is available to you
  • Customized agenda and minutes for your initial Members meeting
  • Carefully drafted Articles of Formation for your LLC.
  • Certificate of Formation from the Texas Secretary of State
  • Customized Single Member Operating Agreement (there will be an additional charge for more than one member or if the management of the LLC is vested in a “Manager”
  • Membership Certificate

Additional Services

* Federal Tax ID Number (“EIN”) – in order for your new business to open checking accounts and to put licenses in the company name rather than your personal name, it will need an EIN. If done at the time your LLC is set up, we will acquire this EIN for your LLC for only $75.

* IRS Sub-Chapter S Election – if done as part of the LLC creation process we will complete the Federal election forms and draft the Articles of Formation, the Operating Agreement, Resolutions and your Membership Certificate to reflect this election, for $100.

* “DBA” or Assumed Name – if you operate your business under a different name than the one specified in the LLC’s Articles of Formation, then you will need to file an Assumed Name certificate with the State of Texas and the counties that your business operates in. We will (1) perform the initial name search for your LLC’s assumed name, (2) prepare the required resolutions for the LLC’s approval, and (3) prepare and submit the Application for Assumed Name to the Texas Secretary of State for a fee of $100, plus $31 in fees due to the Secretary of State for a total of $131. Please ask us for a fee quote on filing assumed name certificates with the counties your business operates in, as the filing requirements and fees vary from county to county. If you are transferring an assumed name to your LLC it may need to be abandoned before the transfer is effective; please make us aware of this situation and we will quote you our fee and related filing costs for this service.

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