What the Pounders Law Firm is All About…

The Pounders Law Firm: Lawyers for growing Dallas and Collin Co BusinessesThe Pounders Law Firm is committed to providing for the special needs of small and growing businesses.  That’s why we’re here.  It’s not just our business, it’s our passion.

We’re not just lawyers, we’re also legal counselors.  And we realize exceptional results for our clients by adhering to our core values:


The Pounders Law Firm actively seeks to increase its effectiveness through available technology.  It partners only with those legal technology companies that meet our strict standards of excellence.  And we develop our own proprietary approaches where there are “gaps” in the technology marketplace.


We understand that the owners of small businesses often have multiple business engagements.  Because of this we maintain flexible hours and will provide you with multiple avenues for contacting us.



We understand that a growing business is constantly changing.  Consequently, some of the good and informed decisions made today may not to be the right decision for your business tomorrow.  That is why we will periodically check on you and your business, and recommend changes when appropriate, so that your goals continued to be met even in changing times.


Every small business is unique, and has unique needs and objectives.  Understanding this, we avoid the “cookie – cutter” approach most law firms apply to their small business clients.  Our approach and methodology is unique for each client.  And our goal is 100% satisfaction.


The Pounders Law Firm: Lawyers for Growing your Dallas & Collin Business“It’s in the Blood!”

The Pounders Law Firm: Lawyers for Growing your Dallas & Collin BusinessWe are very proud of the fact that when this law firm was started we were doing so in the footsteps of Mr. Tracy Pounders’ Great-Grandfather Judge Lurie Knox (“LK”) Pounders and Grandfather Cedric West Pounders.  They were good men and good lawyers.  They worked hard for a good living, and shared their lives, their hands and their hearts with their communities.  The Pounders Law Firm honors this 120 year legal tradition.

When LK died, among his things was a framed article entitled “My Guide.”  It had hung on the wall of LK’s law office as long as anyone could remember.  The article wasn’t original to LK, but he placed his signature at the bottom of it so that all knew that he agreed with it and that he claimed it.  Like L K Pounders, we agree with this Guide and have adopted it as the mission statement of this practice.  If you click the thumbnail picture to the left, or click here, you can get a better look at it.